The Green Transformation: Labour
The Green Transformation: Labour's Environment Policy

Climate change is the greatest ever market failure. It is a failure driven by capitalism’s endless focus on profits whatever the cost. It makes the case for socialism more pressing than ever.

Richard Burgon MP

Key messages:

  • Climate crisis is a CLASS issue. We must be passionate and convincing about this
  • Free market capitalism means profits for the few have been the driving force for too long
  • We need state intervention and energy related industries to be taken into public ownership. The profits can then be invested in renewable sources of energy and developing sustainable economies
  • This will also be the route to economic justice, creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs
  • Climate justice and economic justice go hand in hand. We cannot solve climate crisis without Labour values
  • Labour is committed to all of the above and has plans for a GREEN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
  • This is a message of HOPE that we must convey on the doorstep.

What exactly are Labour planning?  

  • Mersey Tidal project – This involves a £3.5bn investment which aims to tackle the problem of the north/south divide and will create 400,000 green, unionised and sustainable jobs. This involves investments in technology, training and apprenticeships leading to the production of electricity without carbon emissions. The plans include the world’s biggest offshore windfarm in the North Sea
  • JC has spoken passionately about public ownership and rebuilding industries across the country
  • Labour is committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • Labour is committed to banning fracking. Labour’s policy on this is not swayed by big business, unlike the Tories, who have no intention of banning fracking
  • Labour plans to take the National Grid into public ownership. £13bn in profits are currently going to shareholders. This would be invested in sustainable economies/decarbonisation


  • Installing solar panels on nearly 2 million homes
  • Building public transport across the country
  • Making sure 60% of the UK’s electricity and heat comes from clean, renewable and low carbon sources by 2030
  • Creating a new Clean Air Act
  • Action on housing/poor insulation, including upgrading 4m of the country’s most energy inefficient homes with insulation schemes
  • Introduce zero carbon homes standard for new builds as soon as possible

Other things to think about/note from discussion:

  • The importance of housing. Council housing has a bad name. Improvements to housing/ mass house building are vital. Labour are committed to green social housing and to once again making people feel proud to come from a council home
  • We need to make sure we put the blame where it lies. We must avoid lecturing people on their personal lifestyle choices. This is about the bigger picture. This is about fundamental change to society being necessary
  • Relate the point to the person you’re speaking with. Some people may not care about what seems way off in the future but it’s likely they’ll care about the health of their children
  • Ask people to check facts/challenge misinformation, particularly if you come across the ‘nobody else cares so why should we’ attitude. A common example of this is China. Yes, China are responsible for a lot of carbon emissions but they are also leading the way with solar panels
  • How do we make people feel included? How do we persuade somebody that their child will get one of these 400,000 jobs? Something to think about
  • A lot of what we care about is wrapped up in the environment – jobs, health and housing. We have a message of HOPE about improving all of this for the better
  • We may want to consider our choice of language on the doorstep. Talking about ‘neoliberalism’ probably won’t help us relate to people


Labour have a plan and a load of brilliant policies, let’s get out there and shout our message of HOPE from the rooftops!


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